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About Mundari Language

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Mundari Language

Belonging to the branch of Munda languages from the Austroasiatic languages family, Mundari is an Austroasiatic language mainly spoken by the Munda group and has very close similarities with Santali language. Fundamentally, it is a tribal language and hence, in the country of India, it is spoken by the members of the Munda tribe. Coming to other places, this language is also spoken by some people residing in the neighboring countries of Bangladesh as well as Nepal.

Rohidas Singh Nag had invented a script called Mundari Bani for all write-ups in Mundari language and to date the same is followed for all manuscripts and inscriptions in Mundari.

There’s a variety of dialects in Mundari language, some of which are: Hasada dialect, Naguri dialect, Tamaria dialect, as well as the Kera dialect. There’s another popular dialect called Bhumij, which these days is treated as a separate language altogether, but it is said that Bhumij is actually a dialect of the Mundari language.

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