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About Munda Language

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Munda Language

Munda is basically a language family comprising of a wide variety of languages. These languages have over 9 million native speakers spread over India as well as the neighboring country of Bangladesh.

In India, the main parts where languages belonging to Munda languages family range between the central and eastern Indian states. The most notable languages in the family of Munda languages are: Ho, Santali, as well as Mundari, among others.

The Munda family is further divided into two parts: the North Munda and the South Munda. While North Munda is spoken in parts of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, as well as Odisha, South Munda is spoken in the borders between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

The main characteristics of the Munda language family are:

  • Three grammatical numbers
  • A thick line between exclusive and inclusive first-person plural pronouns
  • Two genders: both animate and inanimate
  • Using auxiliaries as well as suffixes to indicate tenses

The languages belonging to the Munda family have quite predictable and similar accents, the only exception, in this case, being the Korku language, spoken by the Korku tribes residing in some parts of Central India.

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