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About Malayalam Language

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Malayalam Language

Also referred to as and known by the name of Kairali, Malayalam is one of the most popular languages of India, primarily spoken in the south Indian state of Kerala.

It got the status of being one of the classical languages of India in the year 2013 and also happens to be one among the 22 scheduled languages of the country as per the Constitution of India.

Hailing from the family of Dravidian languages, Malayalam enjoys the official status in the state of Kerala and is also widely spoken in Puducherry as well as Lakshwadeep Islands.

It is also spoken by minority groups in the other south Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, precisely in Kanyakumari, Niklgiris, and Coimbatore (in Tamil Nadu), and Kodagu and Dakshin Kannada districts of Karnataka state.

Malayalam finds its roots from middle Tamil, from the era as ancient as the 6th century and has a lot of its elements borrowed from the Tamil vocabulary of Sangam literature. It is also deeply influenced by Sanskrit and has the largest number of letters among the entire Indian language orthographies.

Malayalam has 12 major dialects including others, some of these are: South Travancore, Central Travancore, North Travancore, West Vempanad, Kochi, Thrissur, South Malabar, Valluvanad, South Eastern Palghat, North Western, Central Malabar, Wayanad, North Malabar, the Peak dialect.

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