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About Makarasana

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About Makarasana

The word maker ‘makar’ means crocodile in Sanskrit. This is an asana that is very similar to Savasana and is best used for relaxation.

This is an asana that is simply best for relaxing your back and shoulder muscles.

The pose imitates the posture of a crocodile that takes rest in water by keeping its head just outside the level of the water.

Best Time to do Makarasana

This is a yoga position that gives the body the required rest amount. Hence it is imperative that you must keep this posture at the end of the yoga sessions so that it can help you to relax.

Again Makarasana is best done early in the morning when your stomach will be empty.

It helps in proper bowel movements. This posture of asana can also help to improve your digestive system.

However, this asana can also be done after three-four hours of your meal.

Steps for Makarasana

The following are the steps that must be followed to so the makarasana:

  • You must lie down on your stomach
  • The hands must be so folded that the tips of the elbows must touch the ground.
  • The shoulders can be raised and the neck must be kept straight so that the head can be up looking straight ahead.
  • In the next step, the head could be bending and the chin must be placed on the palms.
  • The legs must be stretched with the toes touching downwards.
  • This is the asana in which you must allow your body and muscles to relax and feel the floor beneath.
  • You must remain in this posture for a few minutes.
  • Roll over gently to move out of the asana

Precautions for Makarasana

In case you are having a serious back or neck pain then this asana is best left out. For the beginners, it must be said that this position has a rather relaxing effect.

It is easy to fall asleep. To avoid such situation good luck beginners!

Makarasana can be treated as a break from the muscle stretching and toning. Just as you can do this asana at the end of your yoga session, it is not mandatory that you must do it at the end of the series you can also practice other forms of asana after Makarasana.

However in case you are having a psychological problem then you must not do this asana.


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