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About Koli Dance

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Koli Dance is one of the amazing and brilliant dance forms belonging to the fisherfolk of Koli in Maharashtra. The Community is known to possess its own unique identity followed by lively and expressive dance forms. The dance, however, exhibits elements that this particular community is most used to; fishing and sea.

An insight to Koli Dance Form

The dance is seen to be performed by both men and women who are dissected in two major groups which have fishermen standing in two different rows carrying oars.

The dancers move together in beautiful unison, thus depicting the beauty of togetherness and portrays the boat rowing movements.

Fisherwomen, on the other hand, standing in the opposite rows, arms linked, advances furtively towards the menfolk.

The two different formation then breaks up, leading all the dancers to come together and move; in a way so as to symbolize the waves, the rowing and breaking from cliff to cliff and nets cast to catch fish.

What spellbinds the viewers to the core is that the dance varies in style depending on the area or region they are performed at. Aga Pori Sambhaal, Me Dolker, Dol Doltai, Balav Re Nakva and Paru Go are some of the most famous and recognizable songs the dancer of Koli performs or dance to.

The dance is enjoyed to the brim and is lauded and appreciated through a whirlwind of whistles, claps, and merry-making.

One more Koli dance form sees the women jumping between the sticks held by the men folks.

Costumes Worn During the Dance

While performing Koli dance form, the women choose to clad themselves in green saris, whose drapes extend only up till the knee region. The men on the other hand sports lungis that are usually tightly tied around the waists and forms a shape of a triangle.

Koli dance form is a type of escapade into serenity and bliss by the people of this community who feels this dance not only helps them to forget about the hardships they face over their occupation but it also helps them to de-stress and unwind after a long hectic day.

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