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Kisan Language

Kisan is not mainly a language per se, but a dialect that comes under two different languages. These are: Maithili language, and Kurukh language. It is basically a dialect that is mainly spoken by the people of the Kisan tribes residing in parts of the eastern state of Odisha in India.

Coming to the geographical distribution of people speaking this dialect, the districts where one can find people speaking it, are: Mayurbhanj, Sundargarh, Keonjhar, Sambalpur, and lastly, Deogarh.

While Kisan dialect under the category of Kurukh language naturally becomes a part of the Dravidian language, the Kisan dialect categorized under Maithili language comes under the wings of Indo-Aryan language.

The native speakers of this language generally refer to themselves as Nagesia, Nagesar, as well as Nagbansis; and these people are known to be close-knit and mostly live close in the same villages in the districts as mentioned above in the eastern state of Odisha.

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