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History of Khirki Masjid Delhi

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One of the few covered mosques in the country, the Khirki Masjid, which means a “window mosque” when translated into English was built by Khan-i-Jahan Junaan Telangini, who served as the prime minister of Firoz Shah Tughlaq in the city of Delhi. Although the accurate year of its construction is still unknown, many researchers have suggested the period to be tentatively between 1351 and 1354.

The mosque lies in close proximity with the Satpula gates and its architecture is a rare combination of both Hindu and Islamic style, constructed with rigid geometrical elements.

It contains four small square-shaped courtyards, each with the measurement of 30 feet by 30 feet, and there are sunlight filters installed in the top floors of the structure. The terrace of the mosque is beautifully designed, with its division into 25 squares of the same size, and each of them consists of nine domes on each side.

One can comprehend the mathematical elements of the structure once he/she takes a tour through the eastern staircase of the mosque that leads them right to the top.  It Is regarded as one of the most complicated architectures from the era of Tughlaq and a lot of contemplation from the builder’s part has been invested in the construction of this structure.

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