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About Kashmiri Language

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Kashmiri Language

Also referred to as Koshur, Kashmiri language comes under the Dardic subgroup from the list of Indo-Aryan languages and is popular among the masses of Kashmir Valley and among the Chenab region of the state of Jammu & Kashmir, where it is primarily spoken.

Kashmiri has a fine blend of multiple languages, with essences taken from Persian, Sanskrit, as well as Arabic. According to the 2001 census, there are more than 60 lakh, native speakers of Kashmiri in India, while the figure for the same in the neighboring country of Pakistan is approximately over 2 lakh.

The language has been included in the 22 scheduled languages of India, based on the eighth schedule of the Constitution of India. From the year 2008, in the Kashmir Valley, the Kashmiri language was made a compulsory subject till secondary school. The majority of these speakers treat English or Urdu as their second language.

When it comes to write-ups in Kashmiri, three types of scripts are followed: Sharada script, Devanagari script, and Perso-Arabic script. At times, even the Roman script is used.

The four cases that Kashmiri follows are: Nominative, Genitive, the ergative and the dative; the last two being the oblique cases. It follows the V2 word order, similar to Old English and German language.

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