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About Kannada Language

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Kannada Language

A popular Dravidian language, Kannada is primarily the most spoken language in the south Indian state of Karnataka, and also has speakers in minor groups in other states of Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, as well as Telangana. The people who speak Kannada are generally referred to as Kannadigas.

The language found its origins from an era as ancient as the 5th century, through the Kadamba script, and as of today has approximately 40 million native speakers. While it is the official language for the state of Karnataka, it also happens to be among the scheduled languages etched according to the Constitution of India.

The language has an unbroken literary history for a span of over 1000 years and Kannada also happens to be a classical language of India. Like other popular Indian languages, Kannada too borrows a lot of its elements including grammar from both Sanskrit and Prakrit.

Coming to the dialects in the language, there are around 20 dialects of Kannada, some of which are Kundagannada, Nadavar-Kannada, Havigannada, Gulbarga Kannada, Malenadu Kannada, Are Bhashe, Soliga, Badaga, Holiya, Kurumba, and Urali.

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