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About InFocus – Mobile Company in India

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About InFocus

Founded in the year 1986 by Steve Hix and Paul Gulick, InFocus is an American multinational company focused in the sector of collaboration technology, wherein it develops, designs, as well as distributes a wide range of products, starting from LEDs, to software programs, touch PCs, video phones as well as smartphones and tablets. The company has its headquarters located in Tigard, Oregon, in the USA.

Since the year 2009, the company was purchased by Image Holdings Corp. and as of today is a fully owned subsidiary of IHC. By the year 2015, InFocus has over 220 employees all across the globe.

In the year 2013, the company in partnership with FIH Mobile Limited began the introduction of high-end smartphones alongside LED TVs and tablets in countries like China, Taiwan, as well as a list of other East Asian arenas.

And it was only in the year 2015, that InFocus made an entry in the Indian market, which was followed by making its mark in the South Asian, North African, as well as Middle Eastern markets.

In the year 2016, Infocus began catering to the demands of the smartphone market more intensely and introduced low-range and mid-range smartphones too in India.

Some of its most popular handsets include models like the InFocus M370, the InFocus M812, etc. among others.


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