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About HSL – Mobile Company in India

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About HSL

Founded in the year 1999, HSL is a renowned name in the sector of mobile communications, focused on mobile handsets manufacturing as well as providing SMS solutions. The company has its headquarters located in Livingston, Scotland, although it was founded in Edinburg, Scotland.

The brand over all the years has been known for it’s reliable, excellent, and innovative technologies in mobile services and before venture into the arena of mobile phones and smartphones, the brand have successfully catered to the demands of communications in the zone of Email communications, Online SMS, etc.

Coming to the smartphones zone, the brand has successfully produced a wide range of smartphones, all powered by the Android operating system from Google.

These devices are mainly low budget products, to meet the demands of a maximum segment of the consumer range.

Some of its most popular smartphone handsets include models like the HSL Y202 Plus Android, the HSL Y501 Plus, the Y3G Plus, etc. among others. All these devices run on Android.


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