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History of Fatehpur Sikri

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About Fatehpur Sikri

Built in the 16th century by famous Mughal emperor Akbar, Fatehpur Sikhri is located 37 km away from the city of Agra and was founded by the king when he was just 26 years old.

The concept behind the name Fatehpur Sikri, which when translated into English, means “the city of victory,” comes from the fact that Akbar was very upset when even at the age of 26, he didn’t have any heir who would be his successor, and to fulfill his wishes for a child, he went to visit Saint Salim Chishti, who at that time lived in a city called Sikri.

When Chishti’s blessings gave Akbar not one but three sons, he built a completely new city in Sikri, naming it Fatehpur Sikri as a token of his respect and gratitude for the saint.

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Like every other Mughal creation, this city too is full of splendid architecture, with detailed work of human craftsmanship.

The place is currently regarded as a ghost city, since it was abandoned by the residents in the period between 1569- 1585, during the time it was considered to be a joint capital of the Mughal empire with Agra, as the water system in the place couldn’t cater to the needs of the residents there. It has been abandoned ever since.

The designs in the mosque of Fatehpur Sikri are considered to be inspired from the mosque in Mecca, and are a perfect manifestation of amalgamation of Hindu and Muslim designing and architecture.

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