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About English Language

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English Language

The globe’s most widely spoken language, English is fundamentally a West-Germanic language longing to the group of Indo-European languages that saw its first light in medieval England. As of today, English is the official language or/and one of the official languages of around 60 sovereign states.

It also happens to be the most commonly spoken second language in many countries. Some of the prominent countries where it is spoken include the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, as well as Ireland, among many others. Other than that, it is also widely spoken in the Caribbean, Africa, as well as South Asia.

After Mandarin as well as Spanish, English is the most commonly spoken native language in the world. Having evolved over a period of around 1400 years, English has over 700 million native speakers all across the globe.

The various dialects of English are all based on time periods, and hence, are divided into four categories: Old English, Middle English, Early Modern English, and finally, English.

A lot of factors influenced the popularity of the language, one of which is the worldwide grip of the British empire during the period between 17th-20th century, and the other factor is the United States of America emerging as the world’s leading superpower, thus, accentuating the popularity of English language globally.

Worldwide, it is the most widely used language in communication in the fields of law, science, as well as navigation. Due to its heavy use in countries reflecting heterogeneity, there are various distinctive aspects of the language when it comes to things like accents, pronunciations, as well as dialects, however, coming to the phonetics, meanings, vocabulary, as well as spelling, English pretty much remains easygoing for people as people can still manage to communicate through this language effectively despite the differences.

Coming to the statistics of the language, English happens to be the official language of around 67 countries worldwide and 27 non-sovereign entities.

There is a remarkable difference between Old English and Modern Day English. Coming to the scripts used in the English language, they are: Latin script, English Braille, as well as English Braille.

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