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History of Elephanta Caves

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About Elephanta Caves

Located on an island, close to Mumbai on the Oman Sea, the Elephanta Caves are one of the world famous heritages, popular for its rock art that are related to the sect of Lord Shiva. Over the years, the place of location for this structure has got the name Elephanta Island.

One of the oldest structures in the history of India, these caves were built in the mid 5th-6th centuries and the archeological residues in the neighboring areas suggest a lot about the occupations and civilizations in that era.

The rock art architecture is brilliant both in terms of creativity and texture, and the place has a variety of component pillars, depicting symbolisms and manifestations of Hindu mythology, religion and beliefs.

The first cave has a huge sculpture of Lord Shiva that represents the three forms of the god, i.e. the creator, the preserver and ultimately, the destroyer.

Although industrial developments and saline activities have led to a lot of deterioration of the structure, its value still hasn’t faced any depreciation and the site still manages to garner a lot of tourist attention.


The site is available for public viewing everyday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. except for Mondays.

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