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About Dhangari Folk Dance

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Dhangari Folk Dance

Dhangarior Dhanagri Gaja is a very vibrant and unique traditional folk dance of Maharashtra. It is an exquisite dance firm that belongs to Buffalo keepers, shepherds, cowherds, blanket weavers who belong to the Sholapur district of Maharashtra.

People who are involved in animal husbandry are considered or called as Dhangars in Maharashtra. The word Dhangar comes from the word Dhenu which means cow.

These people worship the god Biruba and they perform this dance form as a tribute to the god so that they can be blessed with healthy cattle as their life and survival are dependent on raising the cattle.

 Significance of Dhangari Folk Dance

These people are close to nature because of their work which makes them close to the same and that is the reason they are sinking inspired by cattle farming and animal husbandry.

Every single man takes part in this dance so as to seek the holy blessing of Biruba God. They have a separate and distinct way of dressing which includes Dhoti, Angarakha, Petha, and bright handkerchiefs and they dance in that attire.

The people are mostly shepherds and they are usually dressed in traditional Marathi dress which makes them look colorful and unique. They dance to the tune of drums and They perform this dance for joy, happiness and healthy life for both them and their cattle.

Dangari – Close to Culture and Nature

The people who dance show boundless enthusiasm ancestry sway with the tunes of drums and enjoy the dance in the most amazing way. This dance form is something that ties people with their culture and nature.

They worship and honor the God Biruba and worship the god to get the blessings and to live a happy and comfortable life with their cattle. Along with that, it is their way of celebrating their life and the small and big events and happiness.


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