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About Bodo Language

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Bodo Language

Also known by the name of Mech, Bodo is mainly a Sino-Tibetan language spoken by the Bodo people who reside in parts of India as well as the neighboring country of Nepal.

In India, Bodo happens to be the official language of the north-eastern state of Assam, and it is also including in the 22 scheduled languages of India, as adhered according to the eighth schedule of the Constitution of India.

Bodo language ever since the year 1963 is written using the popular Devanagiri script, which is used for other languages like Hindi, Marathi, etc. Earlier it was written using Assamese script as well as the Roman script. It is also speculated that a long lost script called Deodhai was also used to write Bodo language.

Additionally, Bodo language is also spoken by minor groups in the remote areas of the Indian state of West Bengal.

The language follows three major dialects, which are: The western Boro dialect, the eastern Boro dialect, and finally the southern Boro dialect. Out of this threem it is the western Boro dialect that has been granted the status of the standard bodo dialect.

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