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About Bihu Dance: The youthful rhythm

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Bihu Dance

Bihu is considered as the most popular folk dance of Indian state Assam. This unique and energetic dance form is performed during the Bihu festival.

There are three popular Bihu festivals in Assam named as

  • Rongali Bihu,

  • Kongali Bihu,

  • Bhogali Bihu

Among these festivals, Bihu dance is performed during the Rongali ceremony. the most colorful Bihu festival is “Bohag Bihu” or Rongali Bihu which is celebrated in the mid of April.


The appropriate information regarding the birth of Bihu Dance is not found but it is told that King Ahom King Rudra Singha invited artists to perform Bihu Dance during the Rongali festival at the advent of spring.

The Rongali Bihu festival is the most cheerful and joyous festival among the Assamese as it signifies and celebrates the arrival of spring.


The dynamic steps of the dance are solely dedicated to spring as the spirited brisk dance steps along with rapid hand movement welcome the spring season.

During the performance, the flipping of fingers and palms and swaying hip movements display youthful passion.

The style of this dance has a unique rhythm which automatically makes the audience move their hands and feet along with the tempo.

Not only for the energetic steps Bihu is also famous for its distinctive costume and designer jewelry. Dance is generally performed by young men and women to exhibit their merriment at the advent of spring.

During the performance, the men wear Dhoti and Kurta and Gamocha. The Gamocha is meant to tie on the head and both are of bright colors. The women wear traditional Assamese attire Mekhela and Chador.

The Mekhela is a cylindrical cloth which is happened to were at the lower part of the body with perfect pleats at the waist and the Chadar is something like drape to cover the upper portion.

Ranjit Gogoi and his professional team are quite popular for Bihu dance.



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