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About Adi language

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Adi language

Belonging to the Tani branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family, Adi language is also known by the names of Abor and Loba. The language is primarily spoken in the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh in India.

The native speakers of the language are the Adi people residing in Arunachal Pradesh and while there’s no official statistic for the right amount of native speakers of the language, it is roughly speculated to be a little over 1,00,000, that includes sister language speakers of Bokar, Bori, and Ramo, as per the census of 2001 in India.

Coming to the dialects in Adi language, there are plenty of them. This includes Minyong, Padam, Mishing-also known as Miri, and lastly, Pasi. The script used for write-ups in Adi language is the Latin script. Mupak Mili and Atsong Pertin are known as the fathers of Adi language.

Coming to the literary works in Adi language, they have evolved over the last century, since the 1900s, as the prominent Christian missionaries have been very agile in developing a list of literature stuff in Adi language.

A dictionary for the language called Abor Miri Dictionary was published during the early 20th century, precisely in the year 1906.

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