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A-Z about Kandasana Techniques and Steps

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About Kandasana

The best-known yoga poses to ward off impotency, Khandasana not only assists people in functioning well sexually but also doles out multiple health benefits as well.

Read below to know all about the Yoga posture and get on with it a happy and healthy sexual life.

What Does Khandasana Mean?

A type of yoga that is performed in a seated posture, Khandasana basically challenges the flexibility of the legs.

The term Khandasa is derived from the Sanskrit word-Kanda which actually means ‘bulbous’ and ‘asana’ which means pose.

The name is kept as such because the feet look like that of an onion bulb when in the posture of the yoga.

To perform this yoga, one has to sit on the floor and bend the knees and feet up till the perineum.

The feet are actually held while the ankles are twisted in a way so that the feet soles face the body. Thereafter, the feet are placed against the navel.

A-Z About Kandasana Techniques and Steps

  • Begin by sitting on the floor with your legs stretched in front.
  • Spread your legs apart.
  • Fold the legs at the knee.
  • Hold the fore part of the right and left foot with your hands
  • Pull back the legs against your body.
  • Twist the ankles, in a way so as to face the feet soles to your body.
  • Hold your feet against your chest hold the posture for about few seconds.
  • Return back to the beginning position.

Awesomely Amazing Khandasana Benefits that Would Get You Fascinated for Good

No more of Viagra and Cialis to boost up your performance on the bed with your partner. Having underperformed can really get on your nerves at times, and make you hit the lows.

However, with you can get your performance at the peak with the help of Khandasana.

Khandasana not only helps you beat impotency but also several other sexual related issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunctioning.

Through the practice of this asana, you can easily perk-up the muscles revolving around your navel but you would also be successful in boosting up blood circulation, thereby lowering levels of stress and tension besides adding that vigor of sex to your life.

What more? Khandasana is also known to lend more flexibility to the lower portion of your body and relieving the annoying joint pains.

Time to bid goodbye to the aggressive joint pains and underperformance in bed with Khandasana yoga. Bring back all the zing to life with a simple yoga posture and stun your partner.


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