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A healthy heart is the key to longer life

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Health has actually taken a back seat in the hectic pace of today’s lifestyle. Following a regular exercise routine has almost become impossible under the overpowering burden of life.

However, you will still need to think of the different ways of safeguarding your heart against different types of coronary diseases to guarantee a longer life.

According to a recent estimate in the year 2013, it is believed that 70% of the Indian population is prone to different heart diseases.

Along with this, the medical costs are so high that the patient might just die from the cost impact before even getting treated for heart disease.

Follow a regular cardio regime

You can easily install basic exercise equipment in your home in order to follow a regular cardio routine. While your trainer might give you numerous reasons for continuing your cardio exercises, you should only know a couple of them.

  • Burns the excess calories in your body
  • Reduces the level of LDL “bad” cholesterol in your body
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Boosts the HDL “good” cholesterol level in your body

Know the effect of cardio exercise on your heart

Cardio exercises actually take away from blood flow from your arms and other places where is not needed to places where it is needed. Therefore it means increased blood flow and volume

  • As the heart gets used to a large volume of blood flowing in the arteries, it adapts and enlarges the left ventricle.
  • Once this happens, it can store more blood in the large cavity, which means that it will eject large volumes of blood per beat even when you are resting.
  • Over time, your heart rate at the time of resting drops as each blood delivers a large volume.

This actually takes a load off your heart making it healthy over time.

Do not fear cardio if you have heart disease

If you are suffering from heart disease, you do not need to abstain from physical exercise at all. You can easily get the latest gym equipment installed at your home to begin a regular cardio routine.

However, you will need to follow certain precautions that will ensure 100% results without any mishaps.

  • Always keep a bottle of water handy as it is very important for every heart patient to remain hydrated at all times. However, ensure that you are not taking in too much fluid in one day. It is better to consult your doctor to know this detail.
  • Try and exercise on plain surfaces as hilly regions will overexert your heart. If you are climbing uphill them slow down your pace to ensure that your heart is able to pump the blood that is required by your muscles to gain power and energy.
  • Too hot or cold temperatures can have adverse effects on your body temperature. If the mercury is really high then it can easily tire you while you are exercising. Extreme cold conditions can affect your muscles and breathing. Therefore, it is better to exercise indoors during extreme climatic changes.

A healthy heart can not only make your life longer but will also provide you the energy to everything that you enjoy. Therefore, keep it healthy to enjoy life.

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