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9 Trippy Hippie Destinations in India

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Hippies believe in living in the moment and not letting their happiness gets jeopardized for the heck of it! They denote liberal counterculture and with the goal of traveling without care throughout the years, they strive to get their ultimate happiness.
While hippies, in general, choose this lifestyle for their entire life, there are many who let out their inner hippies once in a while, letting loose and going with the flow to live in the moment too and enjoy life as t comes. In India, there exist many destinations where hippies from all around the world come to celebrate life and happiness.
And here’s the list of the best of those destinations for you—

Trippy Hippie Destinations


Hippies in goa

1. Goa

Boozing and hippies, that’s exactly what Goa strikes a chord with. For years and years, Goa has been a favorite destination for hippies from foreign countries as well as India and the trend still continues. The place is famous for its lovely beaches, cheap booze, hippie culture, and isn’t that all one needs to experience tranquility?


Hippies in Kasol

2. Kasol 

This place is known as the “Backpackers’ paradise.” It is ideal for the hippies who are extremely fond of mountains. One can get the view of the Himalayas, with river Parvati flowing by, along with some lush green ambiance, when in Kasol. The place is also famous for its music festivals and if you are an adventure seeker then you must definitely go for rafting in Kullu here, to satiate that adrenaline demand of your body.


Hippies in Gokarna

3. Gokarna

Peaceful, calm, and quiet— that’s what Gokarna offers to you! You will mainly see foreigners and some locals in this remote town of Karnataka. It is popular for its tranquil beaches and nonchalant crowd, giving you utmost access to discover your inner peace.


Hippies in Varkala

4. Varkala 

It is quite a new addition to the list of popular hippie destinations in India. It has cafes  on the cliffside, with a terrific view of the pristine ocean. It can give you calmness quite instantaneously since it’s very less crowded and is also ideal for solo travelers.


Hippies in Pushkar

5. Pushkar 

Surrounded by the beautiful Aravali Hills, this is the perfect spot for hippies who are traditional. It’s calm, serene, and traditional hippies would love the annual camel fair that the place holds, which attracts crowds from all over the world.


Hippies in Tosh

6. Tosh 

This is a lovely village overlooking the Himalayan ranges near the Parvati Valley. If you are doing some soul-searching then this is the ideal destination for you since it’s too calm and quiet.


Hippies in Hampi

7. Hampi 

For those hippies who have a love for history, this is the ideal destination. You would feel like you have gone way back in time looking at the monumental structures here. Rent a bicycle or a back and you can happily lose yourself in the serenity of this place.


Hippies in Kodaikanal

8. Kodaikanal 

This is one of the most popular hill stations in the state of Tamil Nadu in south India. It’s lush green surroundings and cold and calm ambiance gives you the ideal peace of mind and the magical mushrooms available here can make you see “Lord Shiva” according to the locals.


Hippies in Rishikesh

9. Rishikesh

If you are a spiritual hippie, Rishikesh in north India is your apt. Destination to visit. It’s quite a famous place among Hindu devotees and the Ganga Aarti that takes place here is a perfect depiction of a spiritual experience. From meditation to yoga to finding some peace in the ashrams here— you can do it all.


Hippies in Gangtok

10. Gangtok

A happening city in the state of Sikkim in India, located near the border of Tibet and Nepal, Gangtok is ideal for hippies willing to have some Mukti-cultural experience. Hippies from many countries visit this place to have the experience of a stay that overlooks the Kanchenjunga Peaks.
So, which is your favorite destination from the list or somewhere you have visited that’s not on the list? Do let us know in the comments below!

If you’ve ever wanted to go on an adventure to get in touch with your hippie side, consider exploring some of India’s hippie destinations. One of these is Pushkar, which celebrates Hinduism and the hippie culture. While the city is not solely about temples, the town is home to many outdoor activities that attract hippies and tourists from all over the world.

This misty hill station, situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, is popular with hippies during September. The area offers beautiful landscapes, including the Kanchenjunga ranges. It’s also a popular destination for people looking for a quiet holiday or a peaceful getaway. The hippie population is also known for their pot t-shirts and yoga pants.

Another hippie destination in India is Varanasi, a sacred city that has been attracting travellers since the flower-power era. Aside from the haloed banks of the Ganges, the city is also home to hippie cafes and bhang shops. You’ll find countless sadhus and saints smoking chillums. You’ll also find many hippies chanting the mantra, ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna.’

If you’re looking for a more upscale hippie destination in India, you might want to visit Kasol in the Himalayas. This town is known for its hippie community, and is the perfect base for trekkers. Kasol is also an affordable place to stay and the food is finger-licking. Israel-born hippies have even settled in the town, and it’s not hard to see why.

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