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7 steps to keep yourself healthy in summers

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Summer is back, and the temperature is rising rapidly daily. You are at the end of April, and about to face the scorching heat.

So here are few health tips for summer to keep yourself healthy and in shape.

  1. The most important part is to hydrate the body in summer. You need to increase the intake of a lot of fluids and water agent to hydrate our body. You need to drink minimum 8 glasses of water daily.  Even you can add a pinch of salt to regain the lost salt off your body.
  2. You should stay indoors and complete your work in the early hours of the day. And if you are stepping out at the scorching heat you need to make sure that you protect yourself.
  3. In summers, try to avoid wearing dark-colored clothes and wear light and loose clothes which are full sleeved and complete pants. You should always carry an umbrella, hat, and a pair of sunglasses to avoid sun burning.
  4. You should regularly have fruits and veggies in our daily diet. This helps in absorbing water through the bloodstream and helps in cooling our body. Onions can even be very helpful.
  5. Short hair provides comfort during the summer season, you should trim our hair at this time by which you can avoid getting frizzy hair and split ends.
  6. You should apply sunscreen frequently. You need to apply a teaspoon of sunscreen for the face and a shot glass for the body and we need to apply this in every interval of 2 hours in the daytime.
  7. Cleansing of skin before bed is really very important. It removes the dirt and the pollutants. Cleansing also helps to reduce pimples, spots and the surface oil from the face.

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