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6 reasons why you shouldn’t take infants to movie theater

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“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”— Jane D. Hull

Being a parent and raising a kid is quite a challenging task, so you might think of taking a break and going to a movie. But wait, are you planning to take your newborn to the movie along with you? Are you aware of the risks of taking an infant to the movie theaters?

Taking an infant to the movies might not be bad parenting on your part, but being a responsible parent putting the safety and well-being of the baby must be your first priority.

Here’s a list of 6 reasons why you shouldn’t take your baby to the  theater:

1. Parents usually take their babies assuming that the baby will sleep through the movie, but the dark hall,  loud noise from the speakers and the screen light can scare the baby and make the child irritated, confused, and disturb his sleep pattern.

2. A parent should also bear in mind about the baby’s health while taking their child to the enclosed A/C theater where the air keeps circulating amidst people who might be infected with cough and cold flu. Babies are usually prone to infections easily and the proximity of an infected person in the theater makes it easier for your baby to catch the infection.

3. Movie theaters have around 110 to 115-decibel levels whereas 60 to 70 is a normal conversation decibel level. Such high decibel levels can damage and cause harm to the tender eardrums of your baby.

4. If the baby starts crying, one parent has to take it out of the theater as a result of which he/she might miss a good part of the movie. This might cause stress or frustration in the parent as the whole purpose of going to the movie for entertainment gets defeated.

5. Also with centralized air conditioning in the theater, the temperature of the hall might not suit the baby’s health.
6. Lastly, while taking your baby to the theater you must not only think of self-entertainment but also remember that people pay to watch the movie and will not be happy to hear joy screams or cry of your baby rather they will be offended and will show displeasure quickly.

Therefore,  the best option for parents to go to the theater is to leave their babies home by hiring a babysitter, a nanny or a family member who can attend and take care of the baby in need. Also, it is better for parents of newborn babies to make arrangements to watch movies at home, as babies can be best managed at home.

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