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5 tricks to get you your perfect selfie

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Although “selfie” became the Oxford Word of the Year in 2013, its popularity has been an on an exponential rise way before that and still continues to storm at a rapid pace in 2016. While social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, etc, are all about flaunting your gorgeous selfies, there’s a plethora of selfie apps out there to give your best looking selfie to flaunt your charms.

However, there are some generic and easy tips as well that you can follow to get yourself a perfect selfie. Let’s get started—

Tips for Perfect Selfie

  1. Try finding the perfect light while taking a selfie

Natural light always makes your skin look flawless and also gives your hair a perfect shine. The sunlight is your best buddy for a selfie or any photograph for that matter, and after that, golden filter lights are the next best thing!

  1. Tilt your head at an angle

Selfies are meant to come out well when your head is tilted at an angle rather than when you are straight-faced. When your head is tilted, your cheekbones are highlighted and your features also look sharp, giving you the desired look for the selfie.

  1. Wear a dark shade of lipstick

Since many selfie apps naturally filter your face, lightening your complexion, it is necessary you wear a bold and dark shade of lipstick to give some volume to your lips and also a color to the selfie. Oh! And did I mention it gives you a sexy aura too (wink, wink!)?

  1. Use golden filters

Most celebrities use a tinge of gold filters on their selfies that give them a perfect radiant touch on the photographs, making them look classy and modern as well!

  1. Find your signature pose

Just because pouting is the market’s call, doesn’t mean it’s meant for all (oh it rhymes!)! So find your own signature pose, the one you look best in and try implementing it in most of your selfies (not all, then it will become boring!).

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