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5 Tips to Become a Better Basketball Gamer

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Playing video games is widely more accepted than it once was. It has also never been a more competitive industry.

While it once dominated the entertainment business because COVID-19 shut down concerts, sporting events, musicals, and other shows, the gaming industry is again competing with March Madness picks, the World Baseball Classic, the NBA and NHL stretch to close the season, and more.

But there is an element to the gaming industry that those other forms of entertainment can’t compete with, and that is the way gaming can connect friends. Being able to stay home and play games is a great way to save money and still chat with friends about the latest tea in their lives.

Esports as a whole is booming, and there are so many great ways to stay connected to professional leagues and gamers. Most competitions are streamed on platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube, and some have even made it to television networks.

The industry brings in millions of dollars, and some of the top gamers can earn seven figures just by competing in tournaments. There are a ton of other events that amateurs are able to compete in across different games, too.

Here are several ways to become a better basketball gamer.

Put in the Time

Becoming a better player at a game someone enjoys takes time. There have to be extra hours spent practicing the skills to improve the movements of the game.

Those who play basketball have an edge because they already understand the movements – both with the ball or playing off the ball – to navigate different situations. Being able to apply that with AI teammates or communicate it in online modes where each person is their own player is paramount to success.

Training the Right Way

One has to be careful not to be training poor habits. Ensuring that there is time away from the sticks is helpful. Stepping away from a game to give the fingers a rest and simply study the game is something that will pay off down the line.

Those professional players are typically streaming on one of the popular platforms. Watching their movements and gameplay is another way to learn about the different mechanics of the game, and who better to learn from than those competing at the highest level of the title?

There are also thousands of content creators who focus on various games. Their mission is to put out content, but they know it needs to be reliable so it typically can be trustworthy. Whether that is different roster builds, obtaining different cards in a MyTeam game mode, or how to overcome different strategies, those videos are generally pretty helpful.

Record the Games

It is generally inexpensive to find ways to record your own gameplay. Reviewing how you played can reveal how to better your own gameplay. Perhaps it is moving to a different location on the court, or there is a trend of being late with the shot meter.

Being able to evaluate yourself critically is a skill in and of itself. People do not like to be critical and can internalize some of those thoughts in a negative way, but the reality is that evaluation to recognize problems and solve them is how people learn.

Improve the Setup

In the older days of gaming, people would gather around a big television and play together and watch. Technology has improved so much that people no longer have to do that. In fact, most of competitive gamers have downsized from a television to a gaming monitor.

This allows for better pictures, frame rates, and colors, and it shortens the screen size to allow for better hand-eye coordination. It is also what professional gamers use, so it makes sense to mimic them if one is trying to be more competitive.

Also, having the latest technology – the newest consoles or best gaming systems – can allow for faster processing speeds, less lag time, and the best overall experience. However, it is not imperative for improving.

Last Thought

The most important part, though, is to have fun. Once the fun stops, it becomes more difficult to continue the mission to improve.

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