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5 tips for beautiful and healthy nails

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A girl’s heart is as deep as the ocean, and so is the universe of fashion—skin, hair, eyes, accessories, clothing, and not to forget: nail art.

While there’s ample scope to explore the world of nail art with a variety of designs and creativity, it isn’t a viable thing if your nails aren’t as healthy as they need to be in order to look beautiful.

Many women complain of their nails breaking often, barring them from flaunting those beautiful long nails and trying some amazing nail designs.

So here we give you five quick tips on how to take good care of your nails and avoid suddenly broken nails

Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Nails

1.       Be extremely careful with wet nails

While water is definitely an essential element in order to clean your nails, you must be extremely cautious as wet/damp nails have higher risk of breaking.

Make sure that after you have taken a bath, you let your hands and nails dry before returning to routine activities. This will reduce the risk of your nails getting abruptly broken.

2.       Pay attention to vitamins

For things to work out on the outside, things need to be good on the inside. Many women suffer from certain vitamin deficiency, leading them to have fragile nails that break easily and also look dull.

Make sure you have a diet enriched in vitamins, and if that doesn’t seem sufficient, take supplements containing biotin and Vitamin E, which are known to be quite good for your skin and nails.

3.       Choose your nail paints carefully

Girls simply love vibrant colors—there’s no denial to that. However, if you want healthy nails, refrain yourself from grabbing any random nail polish as many of them have harsh chemicals, including formaldehyde.

Which is even banned in Europe and has a list of ill effects on human body, not just associated with nails but also the nervous system.

4.       Massage your nails

While we rejuvenate ourselves with hair massages and body massages, we tend to forget that our nails too require some amount of massage to let the cuticle—the principle composition of nails, work properly with the right level of blood circulation.

5.       A nail filer is your best friend!

It’s always wise to keep a nail filer handy as nails with rough edges are not just 90% likely to break, but also create troubles for you by getting stuck in your hair, or ruining those beautiful pair of stockings.

Always vouch for smooth nail edges, not just to make them look good but also save yourself from a list of troubles.


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