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5 Things You Need To Earn A CCIE Security Certification

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Being an IT expert does not mean an easy task. By remembering that, you can only imagine how difficult it must be an expert among experts. One way you can reach only it is to take one of several CCIE Cisco exams. CCIE is widely regarded as one of the most difficult tests that someone can do, which is one reason why CCIE certificates are considered as one of the most prestigious in the network field.

What we will talk about today is CCIE security certification. Even start discussing what you need if you want to get this certificate, we need to go beyond what the certificate is represented and how you can get it. So, without further ado, let’s start.

What is CCIE security certification?

As we mentioned, CCIE security certification is one of the most prestigious calls in the IT world. Only the best of the best in the field of network security that can accommodate this title.

Only those who have the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed in the field of networks that can expect to be called Cisco certified internet experts. The individuals can plan, design, engineer, implementation, support, and solving extensive problems from various technology and Cisco security solutions.

Above all, they are familiar with the latest industry standards and practices in terms of network security. To get the certification – you have to pass the mighty test.

You need to know about CCIE examination

The exam itself is made of two parts – written tests and laboratory exams. The written exam is what you call the qualification exam – all you have to convey to achieve the travel lab section.

This is a traditional version of the test, as we all use to take school – only a lot, much more difficult. This is a two-hour length examination with various questions regarding network security, protocols, equipment etc.

Again, even though it sounds rather simple – no. Many suggest you spend at least 1000 hours of learning for this special test so you can be sure that you will successfully complete the exam. Of course, learning hours don’t guarantee success, but they drive your chances drastically.

After you pass the written part of the exam, this is valid for 18 months. With that thought, you have 18 months to prepare and finally take a lab test. The 18-month period is very important, because, many fail to pass laboratory tests on the first experiment, so they don’t have to reclaim the written test, it also saves a few dollars.

The reason why many failed laboratory tests is that it is a 8-hour long test that will require you to plan a single, design, deploy, operate, and optimize complex network security solutions.

What do you need to pass the exam and get CCIE security certification?

Because this will not be an easy journey, we have decided to deliver help and make sure you know what you need most if you want to get this certification.

  1. Time

Time will be one of your most important assets for you during this trip. You have to learn hard and practice harder. To get this certification, you must spend between one and two thousand hours, carefully overcoming every aspect of the network to pass the test. It won’t be easy and maybe it won’t be too interesting, but in the end, it will definitely be worth it. If possible, clean your schedule and devote your time to this goal and be prepared to sacrifice social life for now.

  1. Money.

As with other prestigious certificates or college diplomas – it takes money to get it. Cisco certification is not at all cheap. The good thing is – it’s just up to you how big you will spend shopping. Even though there is no clear answer about how much it costs, we can give you a ballpark that is quite accurate.

Examination costs only are $ 2050 – $ 450 for written exams, $ 1600 for lab sessions. However, there are only a number of testing centers in the world, so you have to enter travel costs. Above all, you need tutors, study materials, lab practices, etc. Realistically, if you continue the first experiment, you are looking at a cost of around $ 8,000.

  1. Tutor

Even though it’s true that you can do this yourself, the fact is, you can use help. Hands help all this more than acceptable if you ask anyone who has gone through this. Cisco certified coach can help you.

Not only they have gone through the whole experience and appears with victory, they will also direct you in the right direction, motivate you and make sure you stay on the right track and don’t forget the ultimate goal.

  1. Material Study & Exercise Test

The thing about it is that it continues to grow. There is no single textbook that will be enough for you to pass this test. You will need a lot of books and research papers on this problem if you want to make sure you don’t fail. Find as many books as you can and do not depend on one source of information.

Above all, you can really benefit from the training test. These tests will ensure you know exactly what is expected, so you will not be caught wet. The coach can also help you with this, because they have taken it.

  1. Practice lab

Finally, we came to the most important thing – lab training. Without placing work and practicing in the lab you can be sure that you will not pass the final exam. Do you decide to register in a lab training course or to build your own lab – it’s entirely up to you.

The only difference here is how you want to learn and practice. With a course, you have several hours of practice, a few days a week, and the ability to ask other people if you are stuck. With a laboratory at home, on the other hand, you don’t have anyone but yourself to rely on, but you can practice anytime and as long as you want.


As you know, CCIE is not a joke. They need a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. Hopefully, we have managed to help you a little by showing you how come to your main goal.

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