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5 Things Mommies Do That May Make Their Babies Hate Them

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Well, you might think that how can a baby even hate? After all, it’s just a baby! Truth is, just like mommies think that their babies love them to infinity and beyond.

A lot of times the babies actually feel like showcasing their hate when things don’t go according to them and they are irked by all the pampering and coo-chi-cooing, just that they can’t voice it because they are simply babies!

So here are five instances where mommies can actually make their babies hate them—

When you clean their mouth time and again

Agreed, that you don’t want your baby to look all messy with a puddle of porridge around their lips, and that’s why you keep wiping off their mouth time and again with napkins, but truth is, your baby doesn’t like meddled with so much. And from the inside, they want to scream in protest.


When you don’t share your food with your baby

Well, it is a given that the little one cannot have things beyond milk, porridge, and soup, but when they see you relishing all the divine delicacies in the world, they go berserk from the inside hating you for not sharing all the yummy foods with them.


When you forcefully lay them for a massage or a bath

The little cherubs are quite stubborn, aren’t they? This is precisely why the initial days of making them get used to bathing and massaging is quite tedious, and god, they can scream on top of their lungs to show their protest!


When you keep taking out the stuff he puts in his mouth

The kiddo is a fine little explorer, just that he loves exploring everything by putting them in his mouth! And when you force the things out of their mouth, they can be as grumpy as ever, acting as if you are stealing away their most prized possession!


When you try building a sleep schedule for them

The munchkin is a rule breaker! Biggest example of that is them never abiding by a sleep schedule. No matter how hard you try with lullabies and cuddling and cooing, they have the oddest sleep hours ever, and while you will be all yawning at 2.00 a.m. they will be hopping with abundant energy.

Dare you try to put them to sleep them, they will scream their lungs out, hating you for the rules!


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