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5 small things based on which people judge your personality type

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Right when you meet a person or first hear about them, you start developing your own set of theories about their personalities. It is like a blank canvas that you paint with your notions of what you think of them. While many are quite vocal about this, others keep their theories at bay.

It is by and large the same for every individual out there when it comes to determining the others’ personality type. We may not consciously realize this but here are five small things that everybody considers when predicting the personality of the other—

Personality Tips

  1. Handwriting

People who take one’s handwriting into consideration while figuring their personality, tend to abide by the simple theory—the one with small handwriting is generally quite meticulous, shy and intense, while the outgoing and extroverts tend to have usually larger handwriting.

Also, people who put a lot of pressure on their pens while writing tend to be more serious and even take everything seriously, whereas the light-handed writers are pretty easy going with their lives.

  1. Punctuality

This is a pretty obvious one. It doesn’t necessarily have to do anything with a late riser or an early riser, but when it comes to attending important events or appointments, your punctuality shows your sincerity and dedication towards the work/event.

  1. Color

This one is pretty figurative. It is generally believed that the ones dressing up in mono colors like black or white are very intense as persons, creative as well as artistic, while the ones wearing a combination of colors are pretty agile and full of life. Other than that, it is also said that those who tend to wear green quite often, are affectionate and very loyal towards others, while people quite fond of blue are said to be more empathizing, humble and sensitive towards fellow human beings.

  1. Your body language

Our body language speaks a lot for ourselves. Many people can readily determine who you are and how you are simply by keeping a tab on how your body reacts to situations. For example, the ones with a habit of nail-biting is bound to be extremely nervous and can get easily swayed by sudden situations. The ones with a habit of feet tapping are generally not that attentive in situations. The ones flipping their hair too often can be overly self-obsessed, so on and so forth.

  1. Eyes

As simply put, your eyes mirror your thoughts pretty aptly. Your eye contact with others gives away a lot of your personality. Those who maintain direct eye contact with others are said to be confident with a lot of courage, while others with a feeble eye contact seem to have low self-esteem and weak in willpower.

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