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5 signs that signify you are still not over your ex

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A relationship may or may not end on a toxic note, but regardless of the two situations, sometimes, it’s simply not easy to put a full stop to the past and move on.

While there are many who feel broken after a relationship ends, there are others who finally find peace and freedom too. And it is but obvious that the condition varies from person to person, but despite that, there are times you can’t give up holding on to the past, unable to get over your ex-flame.

Here are some signs that surely tell you that you are yet to move on from your ex—

  1. You think and fantasize too much about your ex

Yes, the relationship is over and yes, you know you both are not going to live the future together that you had once planned, but despite knowing the reality, you can’t help fantasizing about your ex, thinking how things would have been and could have been had you guys been together. The reality only hits you hard when you realize that you are being delusional and that leads you to become more upset at the end of the day.

  1. Stalking your ex is your new hobby

You stalk your ex on your social media every now and then, and it ends up irking you when you see an update from his account that’s not in your favor. Something that makes you fume further is when you see him interacting with someone else from the opposite sex on social media, something he would never do while you were still together.

  1. You get drunk a little too much

If you relate way too much with Tove Lo’s Habits, then you probably don’t even need to waste a second, because hon, you are not over your ex! You feel lonely, hurt, and disappointed a little too often and end up drinking too much in order to soothe your pain away.

  1. You compare every other person you meet to your ex

This is extremely common, especially among women. You tend to keep your ex as the base of comparison, and start comparing every other guy you meet to ex, be it in terms of looks, attitude, status, or behavior; and in this process, you end up missing your ex even more.

  1. You cry yourself to sleep almost every night

That’s the gruesome aspect of a heartbreak—endless tears! You cry every night hugging your pillow closer to your chest and reminisce about the fond memories and hurt yourself further by remembering the bad ones. It seems like a perpetual battle for you to put on a happy face and face the world the very next day, while on the insides you are churning with pain.

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