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5 places in India for perfect romance

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Damn climate, cool breezes, sea beaches or mountains, and a beautiful silence—makes a perfect romantic destination, isn’t it?

Here are the top 5 romantic destinations in India to have the most memorable and beautiful time with your beloved

Top 5 romantic destinations in India

1. Goa

If you want to spend some romantic moments with your spouse or partner, or enjoy a great party night with your beloved—Goa is the perfect place for that. With beautiful beaches, landscapes, ancient churches and party places, it serves as just the right place for your romance and love story to bloom.

2. Coorg

Located in the Indian state of Karnataka, Coorg is enveloped with dense forests and has a misty ambiance, making it the perfect spot to go for some cuddling and love making sessions with your partner. Not just the cool weather but its breathtaking landscapes make Coorg a worthwhile place to spend time with the love of your life.

3. Gokarna

Situated in Karnataka, Gokarna comprises of secluded beaches and is mainly a land quite famous for its pilgrim values. If you are longing for some lone time with your better half, Gokarna will give you just the right amount of peace and intimate moments that you are looking for.

 4. Pahalgam

Located in the land known for its scenic beauty—Kashmir, Pahalgam is covered with beautiful mountain ranges with a soothing, cold atmosphere—just the perfect destination for professing your love.

 5. Kufri

If you and your partner are lovers of adventure, this is just the right destination for you! Located in the Himalayan ranges, Kufri is a land with high mountains, foggy weather, boasting of a lot of adventurous activities that can give you adrenaline rushes and enhance your passion in love.


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