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5 Most Awe-Inspiring Places One Could Visit In Turkey

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Do you long for a single place that has spectacular nature with mouth gasping beauty, historical monuments and heritage sites and most importantly, the mouth-watering dishes? Then, you are on the right page, where we will take you to a place that will not have a scarcity of your wishes. It is a place called TURKEY.

Turkey, the self-sufficient country, is the best option to spend your next summer vacation. You will receive the best hospitality, and there will be no shortage of ancient ruins.

You can witness various places where many important historical events took place and will take you into that era.

You can explore the streets of Turkey to enjoy the local cuisine. You will witness the pictures that we keep for the wallpaper on the laptop screen in real life, and you can enjoy every detail of it.

So, if you have made up your mind to come to Turkey, then have a look at the following 5 places that you must visit definitely:

  1. Hagia Sophia

This spellbound mosque, which was a church before, should be included in your turkey packages. One can witness the great architecture of all time. It is a bonanza for historians who can get a glimpse of the great power of Constantinople.

Owing to the colour of the mosque, it is usually referred to as the “Blue Mosque”. And there is no surprise that this is a heritage site under UNESCO.

It will be hard to believe that this magnificent masterpiece took only 6 years to complete. Isn’t it amazing? This is the best-kept secret of the Turkish people, of which they are proud.

  1. Cappadocia

Do you want to enjoy the hot air balloon ride? If yes, then don’t forget to include this place in your turkey packages.

The picturesque landscapes of desert, cave churches and valleys will add a smile to your face while you are taking a ride on a hot air balloon. The picture that we see on postcards will become surreal.

It is heaven for the photographers who can add to their collection of this stunning beauty. The most visited time should be the evening as one can witness the beauty of fire in the sky.

  1. Ephesus

It is the best destination for people who love to learn more about history or want to explore the ancient ruins. It is considered to be the place where Christianity was spread among the Turkish people.

This is also a reminder that knowledge is the supreme weapon due to the presence of the most attractive Library of Celsus.

How can this place be missed from your list of turkey packages? It is also considered to be one of the World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Once a theatre, where a lot of visitors flock around this place, is standing at its ruins now. But it is still maintaining its legacy.

  1. Kas

It is a seaside town where one can have a lot of water sports. This town is engulfed by scenic beauties where one can stay in the luxurious hotels that come in the turkey packages.

This place is a blessing for adventurous people where they can dive and do snorkelling and fun-based water activities. Sitting on the balcony of your resort and enjoying this view leaving all tension behind, will be cherished forever. And, you definitely don’t want to miss such an experience.

  1. Red Valley

If you want to spend a few days in Cappadocia, then the red valley should be included in your turkey packages. It gets its name from the red rose colour of the rocks that form the valley.

You can get the option of hiking on its rock. You can get mesmerizing beauty in both morning and evening. In the morning, one can experience calmness and can watch different patterns formed by the birds early in the morning.

During the evening, you can experience the sunset view with your loved ones, and believe not, this memory will be cherished by you forever.

You can be assured that you won’t regret your trip to Turkey and your visit will be worth every penny that you will spend on it.

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