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5 Important Signs That Suggest Your Child Is Being Bullied

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Childhood is a beautiful phase that must always be cherished and enjoyed. However, it too comes with small baggage, one of which is when children often find it hard to convey what they are facing or if there’s something wrong around them. One such instance is bullying.

Many kids often face bullying in their lives, be it during early childhood or later in their teenage years or somewhere in between. As parents, it is crucial for you to know if your child is being a victim of bullying, in school, on the bus, or anywhere else. Here are five important signs that will help you figure out the same—

Important Signs of Bullied

  1. Physical signs

The majority of the time, bullying includes physical abuse, and it is one of the primary ways of finding out if your child is being bullied.

When spending time with your child, try to look for any bruises, cuts, or unexpected marks in his body, which can suggest he has been subjected to physical abuse.

The easier you spot it, the better it is for you to take action against bullying quickly.

  1. Loss of belongings

If you often notice that there’s an unexplained, unlikely loss of your child’s belongings from school or coaching, there’s a high chance that he is being bullied, wherein the bullies are forcibly taking his belongings.

The best way to approach this is to ask your child politely who took his things, how, and why.

  1. Loss of confidence and focus

If you notice that most of the time your child is distracted, talk less, and there’s a radical decline in his confidence level, there can be an underlying possibility that your child is being bullied.

Figure out the reason for his depression, because only then you will be able to address the cause effectively.

  1. Not willing to go to school

If you see your child is frequently making excuses for not going to school, before scolding him for his dramatic antics, make it a point to hear him out properly.

Maybe the reason is simply that he doesn’t want to face his bullies again. Make your child open up to you and only after that, discuss it with the school’s management.

  1. Declining appetite

Along with the loss of focus and confidence, you are also likely to notice a radical decline in your child’s everyday appetite, and this is because your child is too upset due to the bullying to even consider eating.

Most of the time, the impact of us being upset falls on our food since we refuse to eat, and this is the same case when it comes to your child dealing with bullying.

The key here lies in communication, wherein you need to have a heartfelt conversation with your child to assure him that this issue can be dealt with bravery, confidence, and also strength.

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