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5 golden rules of parenting that every parent must follow

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Parenting is a journey that’s filled with surprises, adventure, highs and lows. As a parent, you must understand that it was never supposed to be easy!

It is your duty to make sure your child is brought up in a positive way as this will play a key role in the later years of his life as well as yours.

Research reveals that children who are brought up with warm care and affection and are looked after well, end up being more responsible and understanding adults when they grow up.

5 Golden Rules of Parenting:

  1. Lead by example

You are the first role model that your child would have. Hence, you should make sure whatever you do, is ideal and right, since your child is going to follow exactly that. Make sure your behavior is nice so that the little one can follow suit. Kindness, empathy, politeness, etc.

These qualities should be reflected in your day to day behavior so that your child can take exactly the same from you. It is okay to make mistakes but one should be bold enough to take control of those mistakes and rectify them however possible.

  1. Always be there for the little one

No matter how busy your schedule, make sure you’re always there for your child. Needless to say, children often feel lonely when they don’t have anybody to talk to. The first person they look for is their mom and dad.

So, don’t get irked when your little one asks you to play with him. A part of your day should always be dedicated to your child to do some fun things together.

  1. Be consistent in your approach

The best way to discipline your child is by being consistent. Don’t change your statements every now and then as this would make your child feel you can never be your word and hence, he will never take you seriously.

  1. Don’t use physical force

If your child is being stubborn, be gentle in your approach to correct him. Never use physical force and don’t opt for any form of corporal punishment. It is because your child would take violence as a part of life, which is never right.

  1. Reciprocate the respect

Trust, love, respect– are all a two-way street. If you expect your child to respect you, you have to reciprocate that respect. It’s only when your child sees you give respect to others and him, he will do exactly the same.

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