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5 fashion tips that will help you for life

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By Smitakshi Guha

The thing about fashion tips is that there are a plethora of them out there, point is: which ones should you consider right for your style and wardrobe and which ones you should pay no heed to. On that note, here are five simple fashion tips that will help you for life—

  1. Don’t go for oversized clothing

Yes, they may be the most comfortable thing on the planet when you want to crash on your bed at night, but for your daily routing mornings and evenings—they are not just the thing. A super large tee with skinny jeans may seem a nice combination to you, but in reality, it makes your body look uneven, unbalanced and also in bad shape.

  1. Don’t go for the ‘S’ size too often

You may think that buying a size of clothing smaller than your current fit is wise, since that would motivate you to get fitter every day, truth is, that doesn’t happen. The outfit is not going to grow, and you may end up having a list of clothes that you can’t wear since the small size of them won’t fit you. So it is wiser to go for the right fit of clothing, according to your body.

  1. Don’t let the salesman cajole you

It is pretty easy to get flattered by the much obvious flattery of the salesmen at the clothing store. But you need to keep in mind that it is absolutely foolish to nod in affirmative to everything that they have to say. Be your own judge or take a friend with you to give you feedback on what works and what doesn’t. The salesmen are supposed to give you positive feedback on everything you try; it is their job to sell the products not to defend you from the fashion police.

  1. Don’t be a blind follower of trends

Yes, trends give you great insights in the developments of the fashion world, but it is okay to not follow them blindly. Just like everyone has a different body type, some trends and styles may work on others and not work on you or vice versa.

  1. If you are having too much doubts about what to wear, opt for black

Black is a universal fashion color buddy for anyone and everyone. From youngsters to elders, black blends with one’s personality and keep you off the scanner of the fashion police.

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