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5 amazing ways you can drape your scarf a flaunt a new look

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Scarves are one of those accessories for women, which are their forever buddies. They don’t judge you when you gain or lose weight, and they are not limited to time and specifics since they can be worn throughout the year.

To top it all, they give you your much-desired fashionista look, with minimum effort. Since they are multidimensional in so many aspects, let us quickly get into knowing five of the quickest yet trendiest ways of draping a scarf—

Tips to drape your scarf

  1. The neck wrap

Neck Scarf


Wrap a long scarf around your neck and using the long ends, make a half knot right near your neck. Now right over your half knot, pull the fabric of the neck loop and you are all done.


  1. Warm and cozy neck wrap



This one is best suited for some cold mornings, where you want to keep warm and also flaunt some style. The simplest way to get this drape is by wrapping a long scarf around your neck twice and then just tying the ends in half knots. For finishing, just tuck those half knots under the loops of your scarf and voila! You are through!


  1. The scarf wrap

scarf wrap

Source: stansberrydesign

This one’s the easiest, quickest yet the sober drape you can ever do with your scarf! No need of any loops or knots, just throw your scarf open on your shoulders and you are simply ready!

  1. The French knot

French knot

Source: helloglow


Similar to the French braid hairstyle, this scarf drape type is trendy, cool, and super easy to do. Put your scarf around your shoulders after folding it into half. Now use one loose end, and start pulling it over and under the scarf loop. Now take the second end and go under and over the very same loop and you are done!

  1. The necklace drape

necklace drape

Source: etsy

This one suits the best for scarves that or not printed and are in mono colors. All you need to do is take a long scarf and fold it lengthwise into half. Now get to the diagonal ends of the scarf and tie them together in a knot. Now bring it to your neck and twist it and loop once more and bingo! It’s done!

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