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4 dating tips for girls to make your first date special

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First dates are special in their own ways. With jitters, excitement, expectations and a fluffy heart—they can keep you wide awake at night, turning and tossing, all because of nervousness.

Well, we won’t like to make you jittery further than you already are and that’s why here are four simple and easy dating tips that will surely help you face your first date—

Dating Tips for Girls

  1. Be proud of your strengths but don’t flaunt them too much

Your strengths are certainly your assets, but you really don’t need to rub it on a guy’s face, as it would only end up making you seem bumptious.

A first meet already has a lot of awkwardness and you wouldn’t really want to make it more awkward by being self-assertive.

  1. Don’t judge a book by its cover

Yes, the first impression is the last impression, but it is not necessary that you understand a paragraph or a book by just one reading.

Sometimes, first readings can be wrong, and it is only when you go through it multiple times can you decipher the real inferences. The same goes when meeting a guy on a first date. Don’t be too quick to make conclusions.

  1. Don’t play too dumb or too nice

Be yourself! And trust me, as easy and clichéd as it seems, it is quite hard to follow it. No extreme is good, be it naïve or nice, and hence, you must be at a neutral place when giving opinions or talking about things in general. 

  1. Compatibility is the key

As long as it’s not a blind date that your friends have set you up for, try having the first date with someone who you think is relatively compatible with your likes and dislikes if not all.

This way you will have a lot more in common to talk about rather than just sitting and sharing awkward glances at each other.

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