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3 ways social media can affect you negatively

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Social media has taken the world by storm. When the internet took its first breath in the world, a lot changed overnight and things not just became easy for everyone thanks to the internet, it also brought the world a lot closer than it ever was. When it comes to social media, the bottom line is no different.

Staying connected with friends and family, keeping a fair amount of updates about your friends and acquaintance, and of course, sharing a huge chunk of your own life on the internet, was never this simple.

But hey, every coin has two sides, and just like everything else, social media to has its set of downsides. From the lot, here are three important ways social media can end up impacting you negatively—

  1. The tendency of comparing

It is always said that one must never develop this habit of comparison; but with social media, it’s easier said than done. People very often and very easily develop this tendency of comparing their lives with others, including their looks as well as lifestyles, when they see someone else sharing a list of “happening” activities on their social media accounts.

As a result, they even start vilifying their own individuality, forgetting the fact that everything is not really as it seems, and there’s no reason to compare your looks with someone else’s or someone’s lavish party night happenings with your homely nights.

People are bound to share only their happy frames of events on their social media accounts and one must understand that if one’s social media feed sounds super amazing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person doesn’t have problems and shortcomings of his own.

  1. Hating is super easy on social media

Remember the old days, when you were practically told by everyone how you should let the world know about your talent—be it of singing, dancing or writing; and you would actually vouch for it but didn’t have the means to do so?

Well, thanks to social media, now it’s just a matter of a click to put up your stories and stuff online and let the world know about your gifts and talents. The downside? The internet is a super-free platform where people readily get the liberty of being anonymous.

And it is super easy to show hate when anonymity is guaranteed. This is the reason they say life of a celebrity is anything but easy since they have to deal with all the hate that are bound to come their way. And now with social media, even a common man is at the target of all the haters out there, who don’t abide by any ethics of constructive criticism but shower the space with harsh and mean words, which are actually capable of bringing down someone’s confidence.

  1. It can damage your self-esteem

This is in correlation with both the points mentioned above. While the first one brings a tinge of comparison in you, you start feeling belittled seeing others’ lifestyles and the second one, if you end up facing hate on social media through comments on your pictures or criticism on any of your works, it brings up issues in your mind, like low self-esteem and jeopardized confidence.

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