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3 Efficient PDFBear Tools To Help You Edit and Modify PDFs In Just Seconds

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PDF or Portable Document Format has been one of the most-used file formats in today’s digital time. Because of its easy to share, print, and read features, many electronic document users opt to save their paperwork in PDF form rather than any other format. However, this type of document can be difficult to deal with when it comes to edits and modifications.

With its tamper-proof feature, PDF documents ensure that the format of your file will remain unchanged as it is shared to another device or via electronic mail. In turn, you can’t add or change something on your file’s content while it’s in PDF form.

But, thanks to the advancement of technology, online PDF tools are developed to make editing and modifying PDFs possible; one of these amazing platforms is the PDFBear.

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is a web-based platform and one of the great names across the internet for PDF tasks. It provides various tools and services, including PDF conversion, compression, lock and unlock PDF, split PDF, and add page numbers to PDF.

On top of that, this online platform helps PDF users manage and edit their files without dealing with many hassles. As such, its simplified process lets everyone, even the least tech-savvy individuals, utilize all its tools and services conveniently.

Add Page Numbers

One of PDFBear’s editing services is to add page numbers to PDFs. This tool helps PDF users to manage and organize their files by adding page numbers to every part of their PDF. Moreover, PDFBear also lets them set the range of the page number according to their preferences.

Hence, the users may decide what number to start and to what it will end on. Besides that, they can also choose the page where the page number will appear and from what page it will end.

The degree of freedom you have when you use PDFBear’s tools and services is just so remarkable, letting you modify your PDF files according to what you need and how you want them to be.

Furthermore, adding page numbers to your PDF with PDFBear will only take four simple steps. You just need to visit its website then upload the document you would like to add page numbers. You may manually select the files from your device or drag and drop them to the conversion area for faster upload.

Once your PDF has been uploaded, you may choose the number page option you would like to apply to your document. From there, you just need to wait for the process to finish; then, your PDF document with page numbers is good to go.

Add Watermarks

Another editing service PDFBear offers is adding watermarks to PDF. With this, you may edit your PDF document and insert watermarks to protect your file’s confidential information. You may choose whether you want to insert text or image watermarks to allow the readers to identify that your file contains highly confidential details.

Moreover, adding watermarks to your PDF with PDFBear is simple and easy. You just have to upload the file you wish to insert watermarks with on the platform’s portal. Then, choose an image or type text to be used as your watermark. After that, select the position you would like your stamp to appear. Finally, apply the change you have made and download the document with your watermark on your device.

Convert Your PDF into MS Word Document

Another way to edit and manipulate the formatting of a PDF file is to convert it to a compatible program such as Microsoft Word Document. For this matter, PDFBear is what you need to make it possible in just a minute or less.

This online platform works hand in hand with a special Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program to convert PDF to Word Doc so you can be able to edit or add something to your file’s content.

Converting your PDF files to editable Word Doc format is easy with PDFBear. All you need to do is upload the file you wish to convert to the platform’s website. From there, the converter will take out the text from your PDF and start the transition process. After a minute or less, the conversion will be completed, and you will get an editable Word version of your PDF.


When sharing or obtaining a hard copy of your electronic document, saving it into PDF form is ideal. However, this document format can’t be tampered making it difficult to edit or manipulate its formatting.

Thanks to PDFBear, modifying PDF is now possible with the help of its tools and services. Thus, if you want to add something to your file’s content, this platform is your greatest helping hand.

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