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20 Fascinating Facts about the Human Brain That Will Actually Shock You

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Humans are the most complex creatures in the world and needless to say, human organs and facts about them can actually be quite shocking!

Being the most complex human organ, your brain can work in mysterious ways that can make you go wide-eyed with surprise! Here are 20 interesting facts about the human brain that will blow your mind—

Facts about the Human Brain

  1. If you thought your brain development is complete before you touch 20s, you are wrong! Your brain develops till you are 40 years old!
  2. There is a big risk of permanent brain damage, if your brain doesn’t receive any oxygen for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. There is always a new brain connection with every new memory you make.
  4. According to research, an average human brain can produce sufficient energy, needed to light up a bulb!
  5. The phrase ‘Power corrupts your mind’’ can actually stand true, since according to research, the human brain tends to act differently, the moment a person becomes powerful, evicting elements of compassion and empathy to a great extent.
  6. The way your food tastes, depends upon taste receptors in your body located at various places, which are: Your stomach, your intestines, lungs, testicles, pancreas, anus, and finally, your BRAIN!
  7. Worried about that extra fat in your tummy? Well, you would be surprised to know that around 60% of your brain is composed of just fat!
  8. Popular physicist Albert Einstein’s brain was stolen and preserved in a jar for around 20 years by the pathologist who conducted his autopsy.
  9. Some recent studies say that your brain would actually start eating itself if you tend to diet a little too much.
  10. During a person’s orgasm, if their brain is scanned, it would be found that the brain is functioning the same as it would for a person addicted to heroin! And you thought drugs were different!
  11. Alcohol never makes you forget or erase anything from your brain. It is after you are high and pass out due to being drunk that your brain fails to capture any memories into your system.
  12. Technically, the moment of brain-freeze has a scientific name, which is ‘Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia.’
  13. Recent studies say that the more you use smartphones, the more your chances of developing a brain tumor.
  14. Apparently, the division between left and right brain is a mere myth, and both the parts work in the same fashion.
  15. It takes only 6 minutes for your brain cells to start reacting to alcohol.
  16. If you’re sleep deprived, your brain begins to lose focus as a result of which, you lose your sense of judgment and also become slow in reacting to different things in life.
  17. The terms ‘Foodgasm’ and ‘Eargasm’ are pretty real, since when you listen to good music, a chemical called Dopamine is released by your brain, which is also released whenever you have sex or eat food!
  18. With every new thing you learn, your brain changes its structures as new connections are formed with every new memory and learning.
  19. The reason little babies are sleeping most of the time is the fact that their brains use over 50% of the glucose that their little bodies make!
  20. The human brain doesn’t have any pain receptors. Thus, your brain doesn’t actually feel any pain.

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