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1st Man-made Dock (maritime)

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Dock mainly refers to the area of water that lies close to man-made structure where handling, loading, unloading, repairing and building of ships and boats take place, and is thus situated next to the sea shore.

Archeological pieces and evidences, along with theories from oceanographers say that the oldest dock of India was the structure of Lothal that was built in around 2400 BCE. It was situated away from the mainstream current, as a move to avoid the silt deposition in that area. The dock which was the earliest to be found in the country, would allocate berths and service ships, and was built on the course of the Sabarmati River.

The engineers for Lothal analyzed and studied tidal movements rigorously to ensure the proper and right flow of the ships through the tides. Over the years, many debates have taken place in its regard, as a few oceanographers and archeologists suggested the dock to be a mere irrigation tank from the ancient era.

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