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10 reasons why water will forever be nature’s best gift

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10 reasons why water will forever be nature’s best gift to humans

  1. Maintaining your body’s fluid balance

The human body is composed around 60% of water and drinking water regularly helps in maintaining the right fluid balance in the body, so that all essential nutrients are well distributed in your body and other aspects like proper digestion and body temperature are also well maintained.

  1. Fuelling your muscles

Every time your body gets through some physical activity, like walking, working out, your muscles tend to get dry and lose energy. Drinking water fuels your muscles so that you don’t lose out on energy.

  1. Keeping calories in check

Consuming water regularly makes you feel full and hence, prevents you from consuming more calories.

  1. Proper kidney functions

It’s our kidneys’ job to swipe off the waste from the blood and commute urine to the urinary bladder. For proper functioning, kidneys need ample fluid, and this can only happen properly when you drink enough water.

  1. Clear skin

Everyone loves flawless skin. However, toxins, sunlight, and pollution along with other factors can cause skin problems like acne and clogged pores. Drinking water clears out those toxins and helps reducing skin inflammations, keeping your skin clear and clean.

  1. Killing your fatigue

Stress, work, studies—all of it takes a toll on you and you feel fatigued enveloping you in its ensnaring embrace. Well, guess what? Drinking water can actually prevent you from tiredness and energize you.

  1. Giving your productivity levels a boost

Drinking water helps you be refreshed; keeping your body well hydrated and helps you to focus well on any topic or situation better.

  1. Beating that hangover

So the party last night was super fun, but the booze really got on your bad side and you can’t deal with the hangover anymore. Well, worry no more, since a glass of water can kill that hangover, helping your body get hydrated and getting you rid of that obnoxious headache.

  1. Preventing your body from pain

One of the prime consequences of dehydration is that it inflicts a lot of pain on your body, either through joint aches or muscle cramps. Hence, you get all the more reasons to drink sufficient water every day to keep your body well hydrated and save it from any kind of pain.

  1. Gives your brain and thinking skills a boost

Water helps in keeping your mind clear and focused and thus boosts your brain and thinking skills.

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